AL CLAD Installation video

AL CLAD nuovo video

AL CLAD Installation video

New installation video is online on our YouTube channel. In this video we show how to install K-FLEX AL CLAD sheets on square ducts. We focus on how to take measurements, how to use our glue, the correct way to apply insulation material and details where specific attention is needed, like joints and flanges.

K-FLEX AL CLAD SYSTEM is a complete K-FLEX elastomeric insulation system coupled with a multilayered covering, resistant to UV and atmospheric agents. Because of its excellent physical properties, K-FLEX AL CLAD SYSTEM is extremely robust and shock-resistant, reduces application time and is easy to maintain. K-FLEX AL CLAD SYSTEM offers a wide range of products and accessories to meet all the installer’s requirements.


Rail Applications


is presenting a new line of product for thermal and acoustic insulation, qualified for rolling stock market. The products are certified according to the new harmonized norm EN 45545 that defines a classification system specifying requirements for fire behavior of materials and products used in railways applications. Thermal insulation products achieve up to HL 3 Hazard Level classification and acoustic insulation halogen free mass K-FONIK GV achieves HL 3 Hazard Level. K-FLEX is able to provide a full range of configuration: pipes and sheets based on standard or halogen free formulation, with smooth or silver ALU cladding finishing. For further information and tech support have a look at the dedicated brochure or contact our Technical Department.

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